Taxumo Heroes: Genesis Shares His Winning Advantage to Filipino Freelancers

Genesis Reonico of Online Jobs University

For Filipino freelancers, taking the leap from their corporate jobs into the wild world of online freelancing can be a daunting start to a rewarding career.

Luckily, it’s not as scary as it used to be. Many freelancers will not face the same problems that those who started years back had encountered, thanks to the web-based freelance mentoring platform Online Jobs University.

Below, we get to know more about Genesis, the founder of Online Job University, and his precious advice for freelancers, and just about everybody who wants to pursue their passion and make a difference:

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Taxumo Heroes: Why the Thing He Hates Won’t Stop Raffy from Pursuing His Passion 

Taxumo Hero Raffy Vicente

It wasn’t always living a life he truly wanted for himself.

Before Raffy Vicente set out to build his own consultancy firm, he was working full-time as an employee for almost a decade.

He yearned for something more fulfilling, career-wise: a level-up of some sort. That was the time he decided that it was time for a change.

But while it was the desire for freedom that had made him leave, it was ultimately his burning passion and relentless drive that eventually built and grew his company, RV Marketing Services.

Below, Raffy recounts his rewarding journey from leaving the corporate world to joining the growing pool of successful entrepreneurs who continue to defy their comfort zones, in the name of following and living out their passions: Read more

Taxumo Heroes: Mommy Blogger Frances Gets Real on the Fun & Serious Side of Blogging

Taxumo Heroes: Mommy Blogger Frances Gets Real on the Fun & Serious Side of Blogging

Ever had a passion you wished you could earn from? How far would you go to turn your hobby into a business?

From being a full-time magazine editor to becoming a mommy blogger, Frances Sales of the long-running and successful blog Topaz Horizon knows exactly well the challenges of turning one’s blog from a side hobby into a real business.  

Below, she shares her tried-and-tested formula for success, as well as the things and people who inspired her along the way: Read more

What You Need to Hear About BMBE Certification

The Barangay Micro Business Enterprise (BMBE) law has certainly come a long way.

If you had applied for it in 2013, you might have encountered staff and officers at the municipal hall’s business permits and licensing office blankly wondering what the heck are you applying for.

But now, it’s one of the first things small-scale entrepreneurs ask about.

There’s plenty of information online about the BMBE nowadays, so I won’t write anymore about the stuff you’ll find rewritten in various forms all over the Internet.

Instead, let’s talk about the nitty-gritties of BMBE—the stuff you seldom hear about. Read more

Withholding Tax 101 (or, ‘Why Is My Pay Less Than What My Client Said It Would Be?’)

Withholding Taxes Philippines
How withholding tax feels like, sometimes: someone taking a bite out of your favorite doughnut before you can eat it. (Then again, lessening calories can be good for you.)

If you’re a freelancer with local clients, you must be familiar with withholding tax. 

Simply put, it’s the amount of money that your client deducts from the amount you’re supposed to receive; so if you’re expecting, say, Php 3,000, you might end up getting Php 2,700 instead.

Where did that missing Php 300 go?

It went to your withholding tax. 

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Basic Taxes Every Proprietor and Professional Needs to Pay to the BIR (Bureau of Internal Revenue)

Basic Taxes Every Proprietor and Professional Needs to Pay to the Bureau of Internal Revenue

Many of us who start a business come from a regular employment setting.

So when we decide to register our business with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), we think, “Oh, now I’ll need to pay my own income taxes.”

But wait. There’s more.

It comes as a rude shock to many when they find out that, aside from income tax, there are other taxes that a business owner needs to pay–and that they need to file various tax forms many times a year.

Of course, we can’t spare you the payments, but we can at least spare you the shock.

Here, for your reading pleasure, are all the basic taxes and fees every professional or business owner needs to pay once they have registered with the BIR:

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Chasing Your Passion? Better Make Sure You Pass It On

Is following your passion awful advice? Not if you pass it on

Every year, we celebrate Labor Day on May 1 as a way to recognize and appreciate our hard work. 

Perhaps some of us see the holiday as an excuse to take a rest from the toil and troubles of our daily grind. And to some, it may serve as a necessary pause to reflect whether we’re really doing what we love to do.

At Taxumo, we’re guided by our two-pronged mission: help you focus more on your passion, and make you you worry less about taxes.

From one perspective, this is an all-too selfish promise: it only concentrates on how we can help YOU, the aspiring entrepreneur or self-employed professional.

But while it is true that the promise of alleviating your tax pains is about YOU, helping you pay your taxes also helps ALL OF US collectively progress as a society.

With more funds for the government to use, we hope to create more infrastructures and improve services for the benefit of everyone.

(Whether our government’s coffers is being used properly is another discussion altogether, but if anything, we hope that the new government inspires people to fight corruption.)

Paying taxes is a social contract. We are acknowledging our greater responsibility as part of a group.

So what about focusing on your passion? Is it purely selfish? And if so, is it worth pursuing?

Is following your passion meaningful advice?

For the record: a lot of people say that following your passion is meaningless advice. (Read this. And this. And this too.)

They say one you just don’t follow your passion. You cultivate it.

Naysayers and semantics aside, we think pursuing, discovering, and enriching your passion is both sensible and sound.

But let’s be clear: following your passion doesn’t guarantee success.

Here’s a truth: not everyone will become successful.

We have a bias towards survivors, but forget to look at the cemetery of broken dreams, hopes, and wishes.

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book Outliers, argues that chance and circumstance are important factors in creating our success.

Bill Gates became successful not merely because he was the smartest, but because he also had a lot of opportunities in life that helped him reach his full potential. Aside from being born to a well-to-do family, he had access to tools which helped him pursue his passion.

Sometimes, success is all about being at the right place and the right time. It’s not always about being the best and the brightest: a stroke of luck can set the winners and losers apart.

Take the Concorde, for example: it may have been the fastest plane in existence, saving people crucial time, but circumstances simply weren’t in its favor. It was too expensive, and the sonic boom it made during flight had been such a pain that it limited its routes. (Not to mention the environmental issues it caused.)

By no means is this a discouragement for you to resolve into doing whatever job it is that you hate. On the contrary, this is more than that.

We want you to not just follow your passion. We want you to focus on it. We want you to want it so badly, so feverishly, that you don’t see any other course of action but to see it through.

We want you to see the opportunities that are around you, so you can go around and seize them when they come.

We at Taxumo want to help you save time so you can do other things, like network with other people, hone your craft even further, or upgrade your skills, so you can reach your full potential.

Opportunity may knock, but it won’t come in unless you open the door.

But is it all about you?

Going back: is pursuing your passion all about selfish interests?

Well, it can be. You can stop at that. But it’s very rare that you’ll be successful without thinking about how your passion helps others.

Doing what you love should transcend yourself, and become something much bigger than you are. It should be an opportunity for others to also discover how they can make things better for themselves and for others.

So allow us to rephrase our mission: we at Taxumo want to help you focus more on your passion–so you can spread the opportunities that you also have found yourself.

If we recognize that, while hard work is important for your success, it is not the only factor that brings success to us, then we should become all the more willing to help other people to discover how they too can do what their love, discover their success, and eventually also find meaning in helping others.

Unless you think about your passion’s bigger role in the world, all those efforts will be in vain.

Let your passion also be a social contract. Make it an aspiration to make it go beyond yourself. 

Trust us: passing it on can help you multiply your success.

Pay it forward. Make it your passion to also pass it on.

Ready to focus on your passion? We’ll help you make it happen by helping you worry less about taxes. Sign up at Taxumo today.

Will the Philippines’ New Real Estate Tax Amnesty Bill Affect Your Property Taxes?

Real Estate Tax in the Philippines House Bill 4814

If you’ve been following the news recently, you would know that Congress unanimously approved House Bill No 4814.

Anyone who owns real estate properties will find this significant to them since it is a tax amnesty on real estate taxes.

Before delving into the content of the bill, it is noteworthy to explain certain legal concepts.

What is Estate Tax? Read more

Taxumo Heroes: That Big, Crazy Thing That Drives Rach of Treehouse Yoga

Taxumo Heroes: That Big, Crazy Thing That Drives Rach of Treehouse Yoga

While it took more than a decade for Rachel Limjoco-Bonifacio of Treehouse Yoga to trade high heels and office swivel chairs for bare feet and yoga mats, she has always been focused on one thing: her passion for teaching.

After thirteen years in the corporate world (the last few years of that, as a training manager in UnionBank of the Philippines), she decided that it was time to make a career shift.

And this is when she discovered something bigger and crazier to fuel her passion.

Below, Taxumo Hero Rach shares the secret to facing one’s weaknesses (and other nuggets of advice for every Filipino small business owner and self-employed professional who’s dreaming of doing something amazing.)

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What Can We Do with High Local Taxes in the Philippines?

High local business taxes in the Philippines

The proposed income tax reforms have been hogging the headlines lately. Based on the latest draft at end of February 2017, an annual basic salary of P250,000 that used to be taxed as high as P37,500, will now be ZERO (not a typo). Everyone can’t wait for this to happen. It’s about time to experience a tax REDUCTION for a change.

But while national taxes (e.g. income taxes) are getting all the media attention, there is set of taxes that are under the radar, and have risen significantly in recent years. I’m referring to city/municipal or “local” taxes.

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